You Lucky Jerks

Man, talk about great timing! This is cool.

Someone from my internship today asked me if I knew any people I knew wanted to go to the Book Expo of America (BEA) this year; they have no idea. Now, you should know that there is a trade-off. Apparently, our house needs help with setting up and general work, but once that’s finished you would be allowed to tour the expo. The schedule is in halves: half of the day you would have to work and the other half of the day you can go crazy. In case you were curious, some of the people attending are John Grisham, Tony Hawk (go figure), Brad Meltzer (of Identity Crisis fame), Jon Stewart, Joyce Carol Oates, and the crew from Quirk Books publishing house. If you want to see what else is going on, you can check out the BEA website here. The week of BEA is May 24th. If anyone is at all interested in this, please let me know before May 18th.  Chrissy’s already signed up (but she doesn’t know that yet)!

Stay out of trouble,


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