Fridge-Worthy News

C’mon, you know you’re interested in what everyone else is doing! Besides, Calvin has mentioned (numerous times) that he’s pulling all the weight on this blog. I will not have him win.

Firstly, congrats to Louisa Diodato ’09, whose poem “No One Will Find Us” won the 2010 AWP Intro Journal Award in poetry. Her poem will appear in Puerto del Sol sometime in the near future.

Secondly, several of our recently minted alumni have been accepted to MFA programs. Kudos to Sarah (Shepherd) Burke ’06 (Iowa State, poetry), Brittany Flores ’08 (USC’s School of Cinematic Arts Writing for Screen and Television), Chrissy Reilly ’10 (Sarah Lawrence, poetry), and Chrissy Friedlander ’09 (Minnesota, poetry).

There are also some who are pursuing graduate studies outside of creative writing, because they are (wo)men of many talents! Particularly, I’m thinking of Jessica Vooris ’09, who has recently committed to the University of Maryland’s PhD program in Women and Gender Studies.

Kat Eckert ’08 recently received her Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh. Yes, that’s in Scotland!

Despite the crappy economy, some of you are keeping the publishing dream alive. Yes, that includes Janine Hauber ’09 and Calvin Manning ’09 for a literary agency and book publishing house, respectively.

And, lastly, who doesn’t love baby news?  Congrats to Katie Hays and Andy Ciotola on their bouncing baby boy!

Okay, lurkers, I know I’ve probably missed some big news. Use the comment box to let us know what’s up with you, and I will gladly add you to the brag box.


One thought on “Fridge-Worthy News

  1. Hey Chrissy, thanks for posting this. It is great to hear what everyone is up to and where they are headed in the coming year. You are right, “boy our alumni are awesome.” -Jessica

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