Bits & Pieces

Watch Stephen Colbert completely school Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig on the necessity of the Oxford Comma around the 2:40 mark. Nothing makes me happier than a man who appreciates his Strunk & White. Also: a well-tailored suit jacket.


Congratulations to Margaret Graham ’09, who was recently accepted to SVA to pursue an MA in Art Criticism and Writing!


Did you know that you can download mp3s of some of your favorite Stadler Center readings from the Stadler Center website? Just right-click the link of the reading you want to download and save to your music folder. I currently have Eavan Boland, Kyle Dargan, and Jim Harms on my long-drive playlist, and – nerd alert! – I listened to Bret Anthony Johnston’s hysterical reading to get me through running miles 7 through 10 of the Maryland Half Marathon.


It’s the AFTERWORD’s one month anniversary! Did you get us anything? Just kidding. Sure, we’re having fun (perhaps too much so), but we want to hear from you, our faithful readers, on what we can do better. Please don’t hesitate to pitch your ideas to better our site in the comments section, or e-mail me at


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