Announcing Devil’s Lake

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce that my years of West Branch-ing, Fire and Ice-ing, and Shara’s Literary Arts & Administration course at Bucknell have paid off in some tangible way, because somehow I find myself as managing editor/webmaster on the masthead of Devil’s Lake, which willed itself into existence finally last night after months of hard work and email-shuffling and paper-scrapping. Please join us in enjoying our first issue, which includes…

PROSE by Lucy Corin | Brian Evenson | PR Griffis | John Holliday | Andrew Malan Milward | Ander Monson

POETRY by Erinn Batykefer | Brian Christian | Karin Gottshall | Anna Journey | Karyna McGlynn | Courtney Queeney | Martha Serpas | Alison Stine | Jeffrey Thomson | William Wright | Mark Wunderlich

REVIEWS on Matt Jasper’s Moth Moon | Keetje Kuipers’ Beautiful in the Mouth | Brian Turner’s Phantom Noise | Celia Woloch’s Carpathia

AND AN INTERVIEW with Katie Ford

I sincerely hope you’ll all read, enjoy, submit, click-like-crazy, etc. Happy reading.



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