Fridge-Worthy News for a Frigid Night

Catie Heverling ’07 writes of exciting job news: “I would love to make it known that my time at West Branch, The Bucknellian, the Writing Center, as well as my post-graduation job at the Bucknell University Press, helped me earn a position as Associate Editor of Public Health at a Boston-area college textbook publisher, Jones & Bartlett Learning. After two and a half years there, I have decided to switch gears a bit. I just accepted a position as a Medical Editor at a small custom learning company in Belmont, MA.It’s certainly not as “creative” as my coursework was, but my Bucknell classes, internships, and jobs helped prepare me for a stable and enjoyable profession, where I can still geek out about grammar and punctuation on a daily basis. (For me, that’s right up there with roof over my head.)” Congrats, Catie!

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3 thoughts on “Fridge-Worthy News for a Frigid Night

  1. First of all congrats to Catie! It is great to hear from alum and see where people are, and what wonderful things they are doing. Secondly, I love the fridge graphic!

  2. thanks, jessica! congratulations on your acceptance to such a reputable program! how are you enjoy college park? so great to see all your creative writers making the most of your talent.

    • Hi Catie, just saw this comment today. I am really enjoying the women’s studies program in College Park, it is definitely the right place for me!

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