Bucknell Homecoming 2010

Two weeks ago was Homecoming at Bucknell, and despite having 1000 pages of reading and two proposals to turn in the week before, as well as a paper due on Sunday, there was no way I was going to miss it!! I drove up on Friday and headed straight to the GALABI (Gay and Lesbian Alumni) reception. It was nice to meet up with friends and older alum. Some of the stories we heard that night were interesting and funny. For example, brains apparently smell like pumpkin pie. A ’93 alum who is a Physical Therapist said that after taking gross anatomy she couldn’t eat pumpkin pie for about five years because it reminded her of brains! The smell has something to do with the amount sugar in cerebral matter?

Saturday I went to the GALABI business meeting, then went out on the quad to check out the Academic Village. I didn’t see as many professors as I would have liked, although frankly I don’t blame people from staying indoors, it was cold! Or maybe they wanted to avoid the awkwardness of all the alums coming up and saying “You were my favorite professor and that class you taught me changed my life” while the professor has no idea what class that might be and is desperately trying to remember said student’s name. Fortunately I am still a recent enough grad that people still remember me. 😉 I saw John Rickard, Jean Peterson, Paula Closson Buck and Ghislaine McDayter at the English Dept. tent, along with some current students, Tanea Bryd and Elyse Colmenero. It was nice to catch up and talk about the first semester of grad school. (Although after the rough week I had just survived I probably was not as enthusiastic about grad school as I usually am!) We also talked about the “So You Want to Get Phd in the Humanities” video that is floating around. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. It is hilarious! The rest of Saturday included a GALABI luncheon and hanging out in Seventh Street with one of my best friends, Mikaela Mathern. (This is beginning to feel a bit like a Bucknell World entry…)

Sunday was full of paper writing. Getting my first grad school paper out took a lot longer than I had planned. The idea was to get it done before I left for Bucknell, but it didn’t happen…Still, it was nice to write in John (Hunter) and Ghislaine’s living room (where I was staying for the weekend) with the occasional cat climbing into my lap and Ghislaine telling me to get off facebook and keep working! 🙂 And the best part was that when I finally finished I got to go Trick-or-Treating with the kids.

All in all it was a great weekend, despite the paper writing part of it. I saw quite a few friends–though there were lots of faces missing. (I know it’s hard for those of you in say, Minnesota or Michigan to make it back, just like it is hard for those of you with really busy work schedules, but I missed you!) Also, since the weekend was pretty busy I didn’t have time to make arrangements to see lots of professors outside of those I ran into at the Academic Village. Still, I am sure to be back up soon, maybe December? So hopefully can catch up with others then. The whole weekend made me remember how much I love Bucknell: the campus (particularly in all its fall glory) and most importantly the people. There is no place like it!

Also, all of the GALABI events this weekend reminded me of how great the Bucknell lgbt community is. Whether we were out on campus or came out later, there is a common connection between us. For many Bucknell was/is hard place to be gay, but it keeps changing and getting better. It has been amazing for me to see it change–to help it change–and to hear from others how different it is now from when they were there! The alumni network in general at Bucknell is pretty amazing. I hope that we can keep expanding this project and can reach out to more creative writing students to get them involved. I know that everyone is pretty swamped with grad school or other work, but hopefully we can keep the momentum going. So everyone keep posting, keep reading, keep commenting, and let’s keep growing!


3 thoughts on “Bucknell Homecoming 2010

  1. Doesn’t it make you want to go to grad school right now? /sarcasm/

    🙂 I guess for those of us in grad school its a matter of laughing or crying; I choose to laugh.

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