AWP, Anyone?

Anyone heading to AWP next week? For those of you unfamiliar with the event, it is probably one of the biggest gatherings of poets, prose-writers, and literary  publications under one roof (in this case, the Marriott Wardman Park roof). If you live in the D.C. metro area, or are in driving/public transportation distance from it, I would highly recommend attending. You can find all the details here.

As for me, I’ll be heading east on behalf of dislocate, my program’s literary magazine, and will be live-tweeting throughout the event @dislocatemag and @AFTERWORDatBU, so I’ll be around.

Will you be heading out? What events are you most looking forward to? Plug away in the comments section!


5 thoughts on “AWP, Anyone?

  1. Oh, I will BE there! We don’t have our own table, but we’re sharing on with the Montana kids (who run CutBank).

    Personally, I might be a real lame-o for enjoying the panels, but I will be panel-hopping until my hoppers are sore.

  2. Dude, the panels are SO AWESOME. It’s going to be mad difficult to make a decision on where to go/what to do, but I definitely plan on hearing Junot Diaz read. Love him.

    We don’t have a table, either, hence the live-tweeting. It’ll be the best game of Where’s Waldo/I Spy with our contributors ever.

    I’m stoked you’ll be there!

  3. Hey, friends! I’ll be at the West Branch table along with 2 ex-interns (Hilary Umbreit and Collin Berry), our Stadler Emerging Writer (Diana Park), and various associate fiction editors. Andy will be around some too (and contributing to two panels), so PLEASE do drop your satchel at our table for a few minutes when you can. I’ll look for you!

    BTW, I love keeping track of the brood on The Afterword!

  4. Ugh. I should have proof-read that one more time before hitting “Post” Didn’t mean to repeat about checking out the panels. I guess I am really excited about them. LOL.

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