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Hello everyone,

This was linked on a friend’s facebook page (thanks Deirdre!) and I thought I would share it here, as it is an interesting follow-up to the link regarding the New Yorker that I posted several weeks ago. Poetry seems to be the only one where there is more gender equality. In regards to the numbers of author’s reviewed, there are actually more women than men.

Another neat site that I have started using is 750words.com. The goal is to write 750 words each day. After watching one of my other facebook friends post daily updates on her writing there, I decided to check it out. Especially since I have been trying to get myself to write everyday. I have been doing fairly well with keeping up my journal, but poetry-related writing has been falling on the wayside. This site gives me a place to quickly dump a lot of ideas, and I like the way it tracks my word count, shows me how fast I write each entry and it also gives me statistics about what words I have used most often, the themes, my mood, etc. (Click here to see what I am publicly sharing.) So far the descriptions of theme/mood has been fairly accurate. It also gives you a viewing rating for each entry, which I find hilarious. The first one I wrote was apparently rated PG-13! So far I have completed two days. Let’s see if I can keep it up. What are some of the methods you all use to make sure you write? (Of course for those of you in MFA programs I guess writing is a given! For me, with the thousands of pages of reading, reading responses, academic papers etc to do…poetry gets lost in the shuffle sometimes.)

PS. Does it say something about me that I get most of my news/links/interesting videos from facebook? Or is that just a sign of the times?


3 thoughts on “Quick Links

  1. Haha, I like the awards the site gives you. It’s like a platform game.

    I get ideas when I go to bed or when I wake up so I try to keep a journal by my bedside. Everything else is on scraps of paper that clutter my desk, get lost in the wash and sometimes take days to find. Not exactly efficient, but I don’t have an ipad to take everywhere so…

  2. A notebook by the bed is a must! I get a lot of my ideas right before I go to sleep too. And I have lots of little notebooks that I carry around. At AWP this week it was interesting to see all the different kind of notebooks people had with them, from big legal-notepads to little moleskins or pocket composition books. There were plain notebooks, and ones with fancy covers…a little bit of everything. And almost everyone at the panels was scribbling away. Of course, you wouldn’t expect anything else at a writers conference!

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