Quick Links # 3

Here are some interesting links, including a very cool bookstore, some fun videos that I have seen floating around the web, another writing site, and a blog entry about all the new words that are in the new OED.

The Book Thing is a book store in Baltimore which is full of free books. Really! They are all free. It is three rooms filled with bookshelves and books organized into different sections. You browse around, take what you want, then just sign your name and the number of books you are taking and you are good to go. Each book has a stamp on it saying it is a free book and not to be resold. And that’s it. They are always eager for new donations, but it is not required. Last time I went I got 28 books. (Do I have time to read them, of course not, but some day I will!)

All of you in grad school or slugging it through a difficult time hoping that at the end all your effort will be worth it, this video is for you. A friend posted it on facebook with the caption “What Getting a PhD is Like”. My fellow grad students and I laughed until we almost cried.

Feminist Bookstore A completely different kind of bookstore than The Book Thing. 😛 (A parody from the comedy show Portlandia).

Need an idea to start writing? Check out this site, Type Trigger . They post a prompt every six hours.

OMG and LOL are now officially part of the dictionary, along with other words like muffin top. Learn more here.


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