The Possible (Party)

Here’s a little pick-me-up for anyone who (like me) may be feeling a bit trampled upon by life (i.e. finals, allergies, taxes, all of the above). It was written by the utterly amazing Ann Lauterbach– who I’m taking a class with next semester!– and published in her collection of essays/lectures/writings called The Night Sky (2005). Potent stuff, that poetry.

The Possible (Party)
in memory: Allen Ginsberg

All the poets in America

old, young

unpublished, published

of every ethnic derivation, gender orientation, class identification, aesthetic and political persuasion, famous and unknown, student and teacher

those who shout and those who whisper, who live on farms, in small towns and cities, skeptics and believers, bar-keeps and brokers, pragmatists and preachers

who understand what Emily Dickinson meant when she wrote “I dwell in Possibility/ a fairer house than Prose,”

what Walt Whitman meant when he wrote “Words follow character– nativity, independence, individuality”

what Rimbaud meant when he wrote Je est un autre

each of whom is compelled to discover a relation between how language is used and what it is saying

vocabularies and structures
and the consequences thereof–

Pantheon of Singularities, Anthology of Strangers,

gather and read their poems, one by one,

The Million Poet March!


One thought on “The Possible (Party)

  1. Thank-you, Margaret! I am definitely in need of a pick-me-up at this time of year. The semester is almost done, but I still have to get through those last few weeks of classes and then finals…

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