Happy (Belated) Birthday!

The Afterword is a year old! Hard to believe we’ve been up and running that long. Some facts/reflections on the first year: The first entry was posted on April 28th 2010 by Chrissy. Check it out here.  Chrissy, thanks so much for starting this project and for being at the helm.  You are awesome!

It’s been a good year for the blog, with 62 posts, 92 comments, and lots of interviews (well, one interview), poems and links. We’ve had over 5,000 views, with January 10th being one of the busiest days, I guess everyone wanted to know why Calvin was driving a dead man’s truck! Dan’s post about going to the dentist in Japan also gets a lot of traffic, and people using search terms like “dentist/dental work” often land people on the site.   Some of the other search terms that bring people to the site are the names of particular contributing bloggers (who knew that many people were googling us?!), or the names of Bucknell faculty and poets, erasure poetry, letter land, and poem worthy news.  (Two of my favorite search engine terms that show up in our stats are “anxious graduation procession” and “strangeness memory.” )

Some of us had talked about a party to celebrate the Afterword’s first year, but that was before we had realized how swamped with work we’d all be. It’s that time of year again, finals swallowing people whole, or looming on the horizon about to swallow us whole. (I still have two weeks of class to get through first). Perhaps once we manage to surface again we’ll organize something to mark the occasion. For now, take a look around, read some old entries you missed, or reread some of  your favorites. Leave a comment, say hello, subscribe! Hope to celebrate more with you soon. Happy Birthday, Afterword.

Image Source: Blue.bison.net. 


3 thoughts on “Happy (Belated) Birthday!

  1. Hi Chrissy. I haven’t seen that movie, and therefore not sure how to read your comment. Knowing you, I am sure you are just being poking fun at me and being your usual sarcastic self. At least I remembered the Afterword’s birthday! Even if I was a little late and not birthday enough for you. : P

    PS. Where have you been? I feel like we haven’t talked in forever!

  2. P.P.S I have reread your comment several times now, and am thinking that you are maybe actually thanking me for writing a birthday post? (Just poking fun that it is not on time?) Sheesh. This would have been much easier to understand if I had actually watched that movie like the rest of my generation. LOL.

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