Paul JJ Payack Joins THE AFTERWORD!

ImageWelcome Paul JJ Payack to the Bucknell Afterword blogging team!

Paul JJ Payack’s time at Bucknell spanned from 1968-1971, where he served as Literary Editor for The Bucknellian.  He wrote his first piece of fiction during his last week at Bucknell, and since then has had his poetry, prose, and collage narratives published in The Paris Review, New Letters, and in over 400 other journals. Payack has also had an interesting career in high technology starting as a tech writer (sneaking poems in technical manuals), creating the first online literary journal (The Spindle City Review which failed for one obvious reason — it was in 1981 — and there was no World Wide Web as we know it, though he’s been online since 1978), writing the first short story about a Black Hole:  ‘…gravitons I hate,’ and the like. Since then, Payack has served as a senior executive for a number of Fortune 500 high tech leaders and also numerous Silicon Valley start-ups, spin-outs, and wind-downs. He founded The Global Language Monitor in 2003, which has been translated into 26 languages.

Welcome, Paul! We look forward to reading your posts soon!


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