National Poetry Month Day 13: “Grander Weathers” by David Moffat ’12

Grander Weathers

Spring, or as we know it,
the weather for reading Shakespeare
on the grass, arrives with undergrads
on the lawns, their mouths
sluicing with Horatio
and a recent peppermint.

We’ve missed the suffering
of grander weathers,
locked up indoors to read
the ghostly rain
on unexpected nights,
or the claw of January wind
(that behemoth slipping
his limbs through
valleys, whisking off
hats, bristling windows).

An eternity in poems
is an extremity
with some inheritance
from Stevens, or Eliot,
time has hardly passed—
already it’s sixteen
past eleven, almost tomorrow,
but the witches
have quitted their woodcuts,
their black mountains.

David Moffat will graduate from Bucknell in May with a major in English and a minor in French. He recently finished an honors thesis in poetry and is looking forward to the Bucknell Seminar for Younger Poets this June. His work has appeared in Spillway.


One thought on “National Poetry Month Day 13: “Grander Weathers” by David Moffat ’12

  1. Oh how I always loved Bucknell Spring and sitting out on the grass in front of the library. I love the language in this poem, the description of the weather, and the sense of time, and the alliteration and tone. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to read more of your work, and I am super excited to hear about how the June Seminar goes. I was a Junie in Summer 2007.

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