DEAR JUNIE: Work on Your Golf Swing!

Dear 2012 Junies,

Happy June! Just think: ten days from now, you will be arriving on Bucknell’s campus for the best three weeks of your young poetic lives!

While you will be spending a lot of time writing, just keep in mind that some of your most fruitful moments will be the off-time you spend with your fellow Junies — the walks to and from downtown Lewisburg over the train tracks (watch your step!), the dance parties that will spontaneously commence in Bucknell Hall, and all that dead fruit you’ll swipe from the Caf just so your fellow Junies can practice their swing in the Grove with a $1 driver they bought from the Antique Store downtown.

Be up for anything and everything! In the meantime, stay (sticky & citrus-y) sweet!

Junie Love,

Chrissy Friedlander
Junie ’07


3 thoughts on “DEAR JUNIE: Work on Your Golf Swing!

  1. This is great! Ah, the memories. In honor of this June Series on The Afterword I pulled out my journal from that summer, and here is the first entry I found referencing the 2007 Seminar.

    “On the back steps of KP. 8:00 pm. Wednesday, June 20th 2007. Brian is hitting grapefruit, oranges and apples with a golf-club that he bought for a dollar at the street of steps. The air smells like citrus. Crazy poets! The birds are being really loud, particularly the catbirds. I wonder if they will eat the fruit when we are gone.”

    I’ll be putting together more of my work from that summer into a proper post soon. šŸ™‚

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