Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful Pens

These should perhaps be called “Almost Wordless Wednesdays” as I can’t help writing a little something to accompany the photo.  I absolutely love writing with fountain pens and thought these were gorgeous! What do you prefer to write with? A computer? Pen and pad? If you still write in long-hand, do you have particular preferences for what pens you use?

This is part of our Wordless Wednesday Series.   Check back every Wednesday for a new photo (and usually a few words or two–I have a hard time saying nothing at all).  Sometimes it will be something related to writing, other times it will just be a beautiful photograph, and we hope that it will always be something that will inspire you to write, to think, to create.  Check out our previous “Wordless Wednesdays” herehere, and here.

Image from: http://www.geekytechnews.com/pens/


2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful Pens

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