DEAR JUNIE: (Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

Bertrand Library by Jessica Ann Vooris, 2008

Dear Junie: While on campus take advantage of the library.  Explore its many levels, enjoy the feeling of going underground and wandering through the stacks.  Check out as many poetry books as you can manage to carry back to the Gateways without falling down Machu Pichu (which is what some of us like to call the steps behind Roberts Hall).  Be sure to peruse the over-size art book section of the library–there are some amazing paintings to be found there.  Read some fiction as a change of pace.  Create book lists from suggestions of your fellow Junies.  And don’t forget to return everything before you leave! All the best, ’07 Junie, Jessica

This is part of our Wordless Wednesday Series.   Check back every Wednesday for a new photo (and usually a few words or two–I have a hard time saying nothing at all).  Sometimes it will be something related to writing, other times it will just be a beautiful photograph, and we hope that it will always be something that will inspire you to write, to think, to create.


One thought on “DEAR JUNIE: (Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

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