Wordless Wednesday: Brian Dettmer’s Book Art

Brian Dettmer uses a surgeon’s scalpel to carefully peel and cut books whose pages have been glued together and creates these amazing book sculptures.  You can see more of his artwork on his webpage here: http://briandettmer.com/.  I first became aware of his work through pinterest and a link to the website “My Modern Met.” You can find the initial article about him here and here is an interview with him.

This is part of our Wordless Wednesday Series.   Check back every Wednesday for a new photo (and usually a few words or two–I have a hard time saying nothing at all about these beautiful photographs).  Sometimes it will be something related to writing, other times it will just be a beautiful photograph, and we hope that it will always be something that will inspire you to write, to think, to create.  Our previous Wordless Wednesday post can be found here, and it contains links to previous ones as well. If you have a photograph that you would like us to consider for a Wordless Wednesday post, send us an email! 


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