AFTERWORD Mailbag: Your MFA/PhD Questions Answered!

Houston-based writer, editor, and translator Rebecca Wadlinger (Bucknell ’06) is collecting questions to answer for an upcoming feature: “Doin’ the Writing Program Thing: MFA? PhD? WTF?”

Rebecca received her MFA from the Michener Center for Writers (where she studied poetry and playwriting), and is currently in the dissertation phase of her PhD in Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Houston. She has been the Managing Editor of Gulf Coast: A Journal of Literature and Fine Arts for the past two years, and has also edited Bat City Review and (of course) interned for West Branch.

Have questions about MFA or PhD programs in general? Want to know more about the differences between the two degrees, or if you’ll have time to write in graduate school? Curious about the pros and cons of working within a community of writers?

Please respond with your questions below, or e-mail them to rjwadlinger[at]uh[dot]edu. Rebecca will answer them in an upcoming post.


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