Fonts and Our Reactions to Them

This is not the Homecoming post I was supposed to write months ago. That will hopefully be written sometime soon! Instead, I just have some brief thoughts and questions to share as I work on an essay. A few minutes ago, as I opened a new document, copied paragraphs from two saved essays, and began to type a new sentence, I realized I had three different fonts on the page. I looked at the first line and high-lighted it to find the font name, as I liked this one the best. Georgia. I highlight all of the text, and with a click the Times New Roman, Calibri and Georgia become one. It made me wonder what it is about this particular font that makes me happy. I know friends who only write in Garamond, others who like Times New Roman best, some who use Calibri because Word now uses it as their default. We have our favorites, and the ones we would never use. For example, I think it is safe to say that Comic Sans is never a good idea after middle school…

What is it about fonts and our physical/emotional reactions to them? Do you have a favorite font? Are their particular fonts that make you shudder? What is the best font to use on a resume? (This last question can probably be googled…). I know that the font is not as important as the actual words on the page (which I need to get back to ASAP!) but it is still a key part of the presentation.

What do you think?


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