Call for Submissions for WELL-RE(A)D: a collaborative summer reading list!


While you’re getting your sun-burning and hot-dogging and red-white-and-bluing on this Memorial Weekend, we here at the BUCKNELL AFTERWORD have been daydreaming about what books we plan on reading under the shade, by the shore, or in a lawn chair this summer. Then we started thinking, why not include our fellow AFTERWORDERS in this literary dig?

Starting Friday, May 31st, we want to feature what books YOU plan on reading or are in the midst of reading this summer. We’ll share some of our sandy favorites if you share some of yours! We’ll also feature some books recently written by Bucknell alumni, faculty, and staff, and perhaps pair them with our favorite summer treats. We’re of the persuasion that ice cream goes with EVERYTHING.


(1) As this is a Bucknell University Alumni Site, only submissions by graduates, faculty, staff, and affiliates of Bucknell University will be considered for publication. Submissions that do not state their affiliation to Bucknell will not be read or considered.

(2) We welcome book suggestions of all and any genre. We also accept and embrace books of both the hard-copy and electronic persuasion.

(3) Please do not submit your own book and/or project for this feature. We’re more interested in what books you plan on — or are in the midst of — reading.

(4) Please include the following information in your e-mail:

– Your full name- Your Bucknell affiliation (graduation year, staff position, etc.)
– The title and author of the book you’re suggesting
– a link to a vendor who sells said-book (for verification purposes)
– a few words on why you’re suggesting this particular read (no more than 5 sentences, please).

Please send your suggestions to, and check the AFTERWORD daily starting Friday, May 31st for our collaborative to-read list!


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