BUCKNELL BEACH READS: Silver Like Dust by Kimi Cunningham Grant

Throughout the summer months, THE BUCKNELL AFTERWORD will be featuring books you should add to your summer to-read list. This staff pick comes from Site Administrator Chrissy Friedlander, class of 2009.


One Family’s Story of America’s Japanese Internment
Kimi Cunningham Grant
Pegasus Books 2013 ($15.95)

By happy coincidence, a former nonfiction student of mine recommended Silver Like Dust to me; little did this Minnesota student know that she was recommending one Bucknellian’s work to another Bucknellian. This particular student’s obsession that semester had been told vs. untold stories, or the stories that exist between the forced silences, and she was so excited to find a book that also wrestles with this struggle. As an undergraduate student in Chris Camuto’s creative nonfiction class, I remember having Kimi as our class’ TA, and how she, too, talked about wrestling with these similar silences that existed in her grandmother’s history (and, ultimately, in her own history). As she read excerpts of her word aloud, I remember thinking, oh, so this is how an essay moves. This is how an essay becomes moving. I’m looking forward to encountering this movement again, and seeing what more a former teacher can impart upon her former student.

Have a summer read you would like to suggest? Send your books and thoughts to bucknellafterword@gmail.com.


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