Welcome to Campus, Junies!

Noticed more of a poetic presence on campus lately? Nope, it’s not the ghost of Billy Bucknell haunting the Stadler Center again. Every June, Bucknell University plays host to the Bucknell Seminar for Younger Poets, a three-week program which grants 10 undergraduate poets from around the country the opportunity to write, reflect, and collaborate freely in what truly is the coolest poetry camp ever.

Since the newest batch of poppin’ fresh poets have just arrived, we at the AFTERWORD figured it would be a good idea to compile some of the best advice  offered in our DEAR JUNIE feature last year and repost for easy reference. And, hey, if you’re an alumnus and/or current member of the program, we’d love to hear what you’re nostalgic about and/or your biggest questions in the comments section below. Happy writing!

DEAR JUNIE: Work on Your Golf Swing!

DEAR JUNIE: An Afterword with Matthew Hittinger, Younger Poet ’00

DEAR JUNIE: Have You Been to the Gym Yet? — an AFTERWORD with Joshua Gottlieb-Miller, YP ’08

DEAR JUNIE: an AFTERWORD with Nick McRae, Younger Poet ’08

DEAR JUNIE: (Nearly) Wordless Wednesday by Jessica Vooris, Younger Poet ’07

DEAR JUNIE: Seek by Margaret Graham, Younger Poet ’09



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