Reading Rainbow by the Lost Bois

The Lost Bois are a local DC group whose music I love. This is one song in particular that I keep coming back to for its message about the importance of books in shaping our identities and dreams, and for always reminding us that we may be “lost” but we are never alone.  I also love the homage to favorite authors/books starting with classics like “Goodnight Moon” and ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and moving to highly theoretical texts like “Undoing Gender” by Judith Butler. The part about the theory they were introduced to in college particularly resonates with my own experiences in college, and I enjoyed the references to queer theory and black feminism and authors like Audre Lorde, bell hooks, Jose Muñoz, and Langston Hughes.

How many authors and titles can you recognize in the lyrics? How about book covers in the video? (I feel like every time I watch and listen I notice more references that I hadn’t noticed before). Any parts that particularly resonated with you? Or made you smile in memory of a favorite text?

“I ain’t nothing but a lost boi, looking for a place to call my own…I will always be a dreamer.”



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