fridgeSo, our metaphorical fridge hasn’t been cleaned out in some time. What better way to break out of the last lazy days of summer with some news from the Stadler Center for Poetry!

The Poetry Path will christen its new year of perfectly-placed poems throughout Lewisburg in an opening ceremony TODAY (Friday) at 4PM starting at the Campus Theatre. Still nursing an injury from your last walking tour? You can find all the poems (with accompanying audio files!) on the Poetry Path page.

Join faculty, students, and staff for a reading of poetry and prose and a Fall Open House this Saturday, August 31st from 2-4PM in Bucknell Hall. A treat for the whole family!

Speaking of treats, the schedule for the Stadler Center reading series has been announced! Upcoming readers include Brian Turner (9/3 @ 7PM at Bucknell Hall), Thomas Glave and David Hernandez (9/17 @ 7PM at Bucknell Hall), and a Stadler Center Slams featuring Marty McConnell (9/20 @ 8PM at Uptown).

Lastly, you can work on your mighty yalps and condition your poetic limbs in a Poetry Path / Yoga combo event on Saturday, September 28th at 2PM starting from Bucknell Hall.

Have some fridgeworthy news to share? Drop us a line or DM us on Twitter. Boom.


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