About Us

Welcome to THE AFTERWORD, a (slightly unofficial) place for Bucknell University Creative Writing alumni to connect. Conceived in late 2009 and officially launched on May 12th, 2010, THE AFTERWORD aims to provide resources, camaraderie, and support for those of us still writing in the scary post-grad world, and perhaps inspire those who have since stopped to fall in love with writing all over again.

The creation of THE AFTERWORD went a little something like this:

Professor Chris Camuto: FRIEDLANDER.

Chrissy: Oh, hey, Professor.

Professor Camuto: You know what we need?

Chrissy: (hesitant) What?

Professor Camuto: A place for alumni writers to get together and commiserate about being writers!

Chrissy: Actually, that sounds like a pretty cool idea. Do you want me to send you a mock-up of a potential website or something?

Professor Camuto: Nah. I’m kind of busy.

Chrissy: With your land and all?

Professor Camuto: Sure, let’s say that.

Chrissy: Okay, I’ll give it a shot.

Professor Camuto: See, this is why I am a professor: all one needs to do is plant the seed.

Obviously, I fell right into that one. Yeah.


5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. There you go, Chrissy. How hard was that? My passive-aggressive pedagogical genius has now reached the internet….

    I will begin to spread the word to current and former students–what a fine crowd of writers and poets we have had here the last five years–and I’m sure other faculty will do the same.

    Chris Camuto

  2. You’ve captured Chris “The Bear” Camuto’s voice exactly. I like how “the land,” which may well only be a state of mind (have you seen the land, Chrissy?), serves as an excuse for all sorts of professorial slacking behaviors. I’d write to express my excitement about this site, but I’m headed out to the land myself.

    Count on me as a reader!

  3. No, I have not seen this land! Now I’m suspicious. Knowing my luck, though, if I ever went searching for this so-called “land,” I’d end up finding it, only to be doomed to a perpetual life of lugging big rocks and fending off rattlesnakes at The Bear’s will.

  4. Hey, guys?

    Am I allowed to be jealous of this site/blog since it was my own fault that it got shuffled away amongst the piles and piles of email in my inbox and was, subsequently, forgotten?

    Luckily, I rifled it out, dusted it off, and am here now. I miss you all. Can I come play??


  5. Even if this site was Camuto’s idea, Chrissy, you made it both viable and attractive! I’ve been promised a retirement tree-house on that land of Chris’s for years and, to his credit, I can say that last year he produced a board. He didn’t exactly say it was mine. It was pretty short too. Anyone have any idea how many short boards it takes to build a life after Bucknell? (No, I’m not retiring any time soon.) But enough of my dreams. It’s great to hear from the rest of you!

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