Posted by Calvin

You Missed Out.

We will ignore my timing. We’ll say that I’m a busy person. Some of you may know: about two weeks ago I went to the Book Expo America in New York City. I asked if anyone wanted to come, but apparently everyone was too busy. You totally missed out; there were so many free books, … Continue reading

You Lucky Jerks

Man, talk about great timing! This is cool. Someone from my internship today asked me if I knew any people I knew wanted to go to the Book Expo of America (BEA) this year; they have no idea. Now, you should know that there is a trade-off. Apparently, our house needs help with setting up … Continue reading

I Am The New Aphorism

I didn’t even want to do this. I got guilted into this… guilted or threatened. I’m not sure. They seem so similar to me. Either way it worked: I’m writing. And that’s not a bad thing – I need all the practice I can get. It’s hard. I’ve been trying to make myself write for … Continue reading