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To the young poet lost: Learn to look for inspiration in unexpected places. Yes, Lewisburg is small, but it is also a magical town where surprising adventures and unexpected treasures wait for you, hanging from the trees or nestled under the concrete. Wander downtown and let your mind drift; turn an afternoon stroll into a … Continue reading

The Possible (Party)

Here’s a little pick-me-up for anyone who (like me) may be feeling a bit trampled upon by life (i.e. finals, allergies, taxes, all of the above). It was written by the utterly amazing Ann Lauterbach– who I’m taking a class with next semester!– and published in her collection of essays/lectures/writings called The Night Sky (2005). … Continue reading

Book Review for a Rainy Evening

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ICELAND: TRAVEL ESSAYS IN ART By Eileen Myles Los Angeles, SEMIOTEXT(E), 2009. 368 Pages. $17.95 “The first thing everyone knows or doesn’t know about Iceland is that it’s not Greenland… The other thing you’ll hear from anyone about Iceland is they stopped there on their way to Europe cause the tickets … Continue reading

Sleeping With the Fishes

Paul Thek’s Diver: A Retrospective, which was on view at the Whitney Museum of American Art from October 21 – January 9, was the exhibit on everyone’s lips this fall. The show was, at its core, an appropriate and admirable survey of this versatile painter, sculptor, and installation artist’s brief career; it was morbid, poignant, … Continue reading


Morph. What a GREAT word. And appropriate, given the time of year (Halloween) and my current state of being (in-flux, constantly). Anyone else know what I’m talking about when I say that grad school is blowing my mind? Yeah. So here’s a little tid-bit of poemy goodness to give a glimpse of how I’m feeling… … Continue reading