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Poetry versus Academic Writing

For the first time in 5 years, since my senior year at Bucknell, I am in a poetry workshop, an MFA seminar in the English Department here at University of Maryland, taught by Michael Collier. Ever since I arrived in graduate school I have wanted to take a poetry class, but was told by my … Continue reading

Poetry in Introduction to Women’s Studies

With September underway, I am in the 4th week of the new semester, which means lots of work writing and researching, and also teaching.  For the third time (solo) I am teaching “Women, Art and Culture” which is our humanities Intro to Women’s Studies course.  We learn about the feminist art movement, visit musuems in … Continue reading

Reading Rainbow by the Lost Bois

The Lost Bois are a local DC group whose music I love. This is one song in particular that I keep coming back to for its message about the importance of books in shaping our identities and dreams, and for always reminding us that we may be “lost” but we are never alone.  I also … Continue reading

Fonts and Our Reactions to Them

Fonts and Our Reactions to Them

This is not the Homecoming post I was supposed to write months ago. That will hopefully be written sometime soon! Instead, I just have some brief thoughts and questions to share as I work on an essay. A few minutes ago, as I opened a new document, copied paragraphs from two saved essays, and began … Continue reading